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You spend a lot of time at the office. It’s a relief to know it will be clean each morning. Professional office cleaning services are affordable and can keep your office consistently clean. It’s important to use a commercial office cleaning company you can count on. Finding a dependable office cleaning company can be difficult. Ross Commercial Services respects your budget, your business and your time. Get a better office cleaning service from a local commercial cleaning company dedicated to your business, with services available in Youngstown, Warren and Columbus.


Why Office Cleaning Matters

First impression is everything, and by a look of things, the office is pretty clean. But, take a closer look at what’s lurking.

Times More Germs

Office desks contain 400 times the amount of germs than in a bathroom.

Germs Per Square Inch

Office phones have nearly 25,000 germs per square inch.


More Bacteria

A swab of your computer keyboard reveals 70% more bacteria than a toilet seat.

BILLION in Annual Cost

Thats the annual cost for companies for sick employees due to a dirty workplace.


Does team morale seem to be sagging? Has there been an increase in employees getting sick? Perhaps a good office cleaning is just what the doctor ordered! Working in a clean, healthy environment can have major implications on how people feel and behave in the workplace. Plus, a clean and tidy workspace can inspire creativity and keep people productive.

Ross Commercial Services Office Cleaning

The office is your second home and it’s important to protect your staff from germs and bacteria. However, keeping the office clean involves a commitment. By asking your staff to perform cleaning duties, this creates an inconvenience and puts employees at risk of being exposed to hazardous materials and safety issues. Plus, this takes away valuable work time that should be spent on improving the company’s bottom line. That’s why implementing commercial cleaning services is the best solution to making sure your office is clean and spotless.

A commercial cleaning service is the most efficient, beneficial and economical option for keeping your work environment clean. Know with confidence your work environment is being treated with the most up-to-date cleaning standards, methods, equipment and products. Commercial cleaning professionals have a deep understanding of best practices and newest advancements in the cleaning industry and utilize specialized techniques and industrial strength chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing to achieve superior results in a timely and efficient manner.

Office Cleaning Convenience

Convenience is key! Commercial cleaning services will accommodate based on your preferences and develop the best cleaning around your needs. A team of professionals will help set up the best schedule for the types of surfaces and flooring in your office, taking into account the materials, foot traffic and weather conditions. Plus, you can arrange cleaning services to be completed in accordance to your work schedule from early in the mornings to late at night so that your employees, clients, and business partners are not disturbed during business hours.

By taking advantage of commercial cleaning services, you’re saving both time and money. A team of trained cleaners use the necessary equipment and cleaning supplies to complete the job in the most effective way. They know how to utilize the least possible amount of cleaning supplies and water in order to save you resources and are cost-effective.


Our Mission

At Ross Commercial Services, it’s our mission to make sure your team is performing at their best in a clean work environment. With more than 30 years of experience, we provide the best equipment and services delivered by highly trained, certified cleaners. Ross Commercial Services specializes in all aspects of office cleaning as well as floor refinishing, tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning and post-construction clean up.


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