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Early on, Ross Commercial Services made the decision to offer a new innovative approach to floor care after seeing competitors deliver subpar work that failed to meet the needs of businesses and their flooring. Most competitors were failing to provide proper floor care, putting tile and other surfaces at risk for quicker degradation. They saw this as an opportunity to deliver a better, more effective floor care option by using an all-inclusive system and high end equipment that employs advanced technology.

Ross Commercial ensures the best possible outcome for your flooring.

Using highly efficient orbital scrubbers, Ross Commercial Services is able to provide your floor with a deep clean and beautiful shine that keeps businesses from having to invest in repairs and overall decrease the risk of having to replace flooring in the future. Ross Commercial Services adds three to five layers of wax to the floor depending on the need and type, leaving the floor with a beautiful shine and in better shape than before. By applying wax, flooring is better protected from scuff marks and high traffic wear and tear and even provides excellent slip resistance – all key factors that are essential in promoting a safe and clean environment in the work place. By applying different types of weights to the orbital machines, Ross Commercial ensures the best possible outcome for your business’s flooring. This process can be provided to most types of hard surface flooring such as tile, linoleum, terrazzo, vinyl, and stone floor cleaning.

Maintaining flooring in prime shape means more than just mopping.

Through extensive research and experience, Ross Commercial understands that different types of flooring have different needs. Maintaining flooring in prime shape is often much more complicated than simply mopping and vacuuming. Hard surface flooring in particular presents a number of different challenges to maintain and Ross Commercial Services is dedicated to delivering a customized approach with these challenges in mind. Without proper floor care, hard surface flooring can be easily scratched and scuffed, putting you at risk for expensive repairs and replacement.

Ross Commercial is dedicated to providing proper floor care.

Ross Commercial knows first-hand about the improper floor care being provided by competitors. One client’s flooring in particular had built up so much finish from their previous floor care company that Ross Commercial had to excessively strip the floor and further scrape up the excess layers of finish with a shovel. Ross Commercial Services is dedicated to providing proper floor care for your business, no matter the challenge, making it much easier to refinish and of course, less expensive for you in the future.

Give your flooring the chance to be in the best shape.

Ross Commercial accommodates companies based on their preferences and develop the best cleaning around their needs. A team of trained professionals will help set up the best schedule for the types of surfaces and flooring, taking into account the materials, foot traffic and weather conditions. Competitors fall short of the state-of-the-art equipment and unique process we’ve adopted, which is why choosing Ross Commercial Services is the best choice for your floor care needs. By choosing Ross Commercial Services, you give your flooring the chance to be consistently clean and in the best shape, leaving you free of worry about future repairs and replacement. Available on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accommodating your schedule when you need us most.

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